Hurry Up And Wait

That’s pretty much how trials work. We probably, or maybe, or perhaps, have one starting this morning. If it happens, blogging will be light today and tomorrow. If not, I’ll have spent the last few days preparing for something that won’t happen for another two months or so. But at least I’ll be posting as usual.

If the trial does happen, maybe it will prevent me from doing something silly like posting about Alabama’s own John Mark Karr, or else the other non-football way for strange Alabamians to get famous.  

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2 Comments on “Hurry Up And Wait”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Perhaps you can address the reason that these kooky killer types always have three names. With the middle one frequently being “Wayne”.

  2. […] The trial did not happen, so I am surrendering to temptation and commenting on the B’ham tryouts for American Idol. All I can do is write about it, but I have a suggestion for American Idol. […]

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