Update On Huntsville’s Plagiarism

I explained in the previous post that Huntsville cut and pasted its proposed anti-illegal immigration ordinance from Hazelton, Pennsylvania. 

It looks like Hazelton copied theirs from San Bernardino, California. The same ordinance has popped up in Florida.  Other areas are also considering it.

So far as I can tell, Joseph Turner, the head of a California group called Save our State is the original author.  They have a forum on the proposed ordinance here. Save our State also describes the purpose driving them and the ordinance:

Thomas Paine proclaimed, “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph.”

Sadly, California is filled with these “sunshine patriots” who are weak and unwilling to wage battle against the Mexican racialists and the vast open borders lobby. Years of inculcation by the doctrines of political correctness have left you emasculated and impotent, silenced by the thunderous chants of “racist” and “bigot.” And there you stand and watch, paralyzed by fear, as your community is ravaged by the illegal alien invasion and turned into a Third World cesspool.  

You can get more information on Turner here, here and here.  

There is nothing wrong with one state or city adopting the same exact law as another state or city. It happens all the time. What bugs me about this ordinance is that it begins with a list of all the problems allegedly caused by illegal immigrants. I find it very hard to believe that cities in California, Alabama, Florida, and Pennsylvania are all having the exact same problem with illegal immigrants. Hence, I seriously doubt these factual “findings” are the result of empirical research into the problems faced by the cities. Rather, they are boilerplate prejudices.

The Save our State website only confirms that suspicion. There may be a problem with illegals, but are they really “ravaging” our country? Are they really turning the United States into a “third world cesspoool?” No one with any sense would say yes. The rhetoric is far in excess of any problems.

So why the excess? Maybe SoS is a bunch of racists. Or maybe they just don’t like life and need someone to blame. In that regard, read this article about the ordinance in San Bernardino. Especially telling is this:

Few cities have been battered as harshly by shifting policy and economic forces as this working-class suburb 60 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. Despite being in one of the fastest-growing regions of the state, San Bernardino is long on problems — such as vanishing jobs, gang violence and poor schools — and desperately short on solutions.

But Chas Kelley, a Republican city councilman and unabashed town booster, says there is one thing even more galling: He hears little English spoken in his supermarket checkout line and, worse, he says, the local Wal-Mart ads seem to turn their back on people like him, showing more Mexican than American flags. “They’re a business, and I understand that they’re after market share,” Kelley said of Wal-Mart, as he brandished a store advertisement showing a dark-haired family wearing Mexican soccer jerseys as they watch a televised soccer match between Latin American teams. “But at some point in time, when does it stop? When does it become my America?”

That is why Kelley, though proud that he lives on a melting pot of a street here, has become an enthusiastic supporter of what many regard as one of the most discriminatory, anti-illegal-immigrant proposals in the country.

In other words, the ordinances are not based on reasoned arguments about legitimate problems, but on strong feelings of nativism. I also like “my America.”  But I don’t want to use criminal laws to keep it the way I like it. I thought only the French did that.

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8 Comments on “Update On Huntsville’s Plagiarism”

  1. Stephen Says:

    I’m going to go with yes, they are a bunch of racists.

  2. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    Hey dude. I know your still towin’ the liberal party line. So you think the ordinances are only “nativism” and have no rational reasons?

    Dude. dude. Dude. You don’t get it–even the lefties admit illegals cause problems, although they excuse it on account of ‘racism’ and such. Have you not paid attention to ANYTHING in the last twenty years? Massive illegal immigration, esp. from mexico, overrunning school districts who can’t cope with the multipling population, and illiterate kids who can’t and won’t speak english. That is just one example of many. Crime increases dramatically as well.

    But all you can do is argue against the obivious reality. If you think non stop illegal immigration from Mexico is good, make an argument. But your assertion that this is just about “nativism” (i.e. hatred and ignorance from whitey) is totally false.

    Ahhh. . . when they move into your neighborhood, and property values start a droppin’, then won’t the lefties on this site–even you blogger–be singin’ a different tune.

    You will learn. . .

  3. wheeler Says:

    “But all you can do is argue against the obivious reality.”

    it’s obvious to people who don’t like immigrants. the rest of us want some evidence.

    i’m not saying there is no need for immigration reform. nor am i saying that immigrants do, or do not, unfairly drain public resources. i am saying that before i agree to harsh remedies like this ordinance, i want hard evidence of a serious problem. bald assertions like yours do not justify inflicting this type of harm on an entire group of people.

    furthermore, that people like you are ready to harshly penalize illegals even without any evidence of harm suggests to me that your motives are bad. you want to inflict harm and are looking for a justification.

  4. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    People like me? I have no power to set policy.

    Your argument was that the towns are motivated solely by “nativism” and no legitimate reason to restrict illegals.

    Your argument is FALSE. That is simply not true; there ARE legitimate reasons to object to illegal immigration. You are trying to back away from your untenable position.

    Where do I begin? How about major prison overcrowding caused by illlegal aliens who committ crimes. It costs a lot of money to build jails and operate them. We are talking about billions upon billions.

    From a small town’s perspective, large numbers of foreigners immigrating in a short time tax the welfare services, depress the job market, pressure the enviornment, cause housing shortages, committ more crime, etc. These are facts. . .

    Again, you are free to argue a point. If you think mexicans are beneficial to the US then say so, and back it with logic or proof. But you STILL haven’t done that. . . instead, it is all ad hominem liberal propaganda lines: Discrimation, bigotry, ‘nativism’, etc. We’ve heard them all before.

    The evidence is before you. You choose to ignore it by either living in special enclave, or simply wanting more left-wing voters.

    One in a million:


    “A report that found that illegal immigrants in the United States cost the federal government more than $10 billion a year. . . “

  5. wheeler Says:


    next time quote the whole sentence: “. . . has drawn criticism from immigration advocacy groups.” the criticisms include: “The costs of the children of immigrants are accounted for [in the report], but not their contributions to the economy as workers and taxpayers.”

    in any event, that report is anything but support for your more general statement that “How about major prison overcrowding caused by illlegal aliens who committ crimes. It costs a lot of money to build jails and operate them. We are talking about billions upon billions. From a small town’s perspective, large numbers of foreigners immigrating in a short time tax the welfare services, depress the job market, pressure the enviornment, cause housing shortages, committ more crime, etc.”

    you keep throwing out these “facts” without providing any empirical support. maybe they are facts, maybe they are not. my point is that you and your kind seem all too willing to accept them as true. you assert these things as self-evident.

    why are you so quick to judge? you deny being motivated by racism or nativism, but you also say this: “when they move into your neighborhood, and property values start a droppin.”

    again, i am not saying that we do not need reform. i am saying that some people’s disproportionate reactions to illegal immigration – rhetoric like yours and harsh penalties like the ordinance – make me question what their actual motivation is.

  6. Humpty Dumpty Says:

    Again with the motivation. So if someone breaks down my door, I can kick them out, but only if ‘motivation’ is ok by you? (Since you are the ultimate moral arbiter). I can kick ’em out for reasons other than what you would call bias?

    So we can’t stop illegal immigration if our intentions are not entirely pure. Interesting policy you have.

    And you are still disputing the cost of illegal immigration. Man, you dont get it do you. You are disputing the facts, and you will lose. Do i have to spend the time to quote countless studies just to post on this blog?

    And you didn’t listen either. What study do I need to show you? Do you not comprehend that the more illegals show up in a town, the more the town has to pay for schooling? That each child in a public school requires a certain amount of funding? Do I need to provide “empirical” support in teaching you arithmetic?


    How about this

    1,000 students cost a town $$$.

    Illegal immigrants add 250 students. Ignoring the higher cost needed to teach non-english speakers,

    1000 + 250 = 1,250 students. That’s a 1/4 increase in per student budget the town has to face.

    What “empirical” study do you need further than this?

    Motivations are irrelevant and and one of your patented ‘red herrings’. You cannot argue the facts or the logic, so I guess that’s what you need.

  7. firewall Says:

    Luogo interessante, buon disegno, lo gradisco, signore! =)

  8. […] I explained here, Huntsville and several other cities around the country cut and pasted the ordinance – and the […]

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