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Pat Forde and Ivan Maisel both say college ball rules. Peter Pasquarelli offers twenty reasons the NFL is better. To me it’s a no brainer: NCAA football kicks the NFL’s butt.

Pasquarelli says the Super Bowl alone makes the NFL better. No way. I’ll take the bowls any day. Pat Forde is totally correct:

That’s right. I’m defending the BCS. Well, not exactly. I’m defending the lack of a playoff. Better yet, I’m going to let West Virginia coach Rich Rodriguez defend it for me.

“In Division I [-A] football, every game is a playoff,” Rodriguez said. “Once you lose one game, you’re mostly out. If you lose two, you’re definitely out. We got 12 playoff games. Teams take that approach. That’s probably why there’s so much interest. You stub your toe, you can never get back in it.”

Those ugly December games when Peyton Manning plays one series and sits out, as if it were August? In college football, games in August are played as if they’re in December.

Think about how many times a year you will sit on the edge of your seat, oblivious to all the world, watching a BIG GAME played in either college or the pros. It’s about ten to one in favor of the former. Just last year, was there even one NFL game that could compare to Ohio State v. Texas? Or Notre Dame v. USC? Or Texas v. USC?

And I disagree with this argument from Pasquarelli

Unless Playboy is going retro on us, and reprising one of those “Girls of the Big Ten” or “Girls of the SEC” photo spreads that used to run regularly this time of year, you don’t see much skin from college cheerleaders. As for the NFL, well, have you ogled the Raiderettes lately? Or just about any other NFL cheerleader unit? Case closed.

Whatever. NFL cheerleaders are pathetic. Perkily dancing around and yelling “Go Team” even though you have no idea who is winnning is fine for a college student. But those NFL cheerleaders? It’s just sad. They are adults, shouldn’t they have real jobs by now? And the war paint make-up can only do so much, at some point it just gets scary.

None of them mention it, but I think chants are a big reason college whups the pros. What does the NFL have comparable to “Roll Tide!” Never mind “Wooooo Pig! Sooie!” And “Hotty Totty, Gosh Almighty, Who The Hell Are We? Flim Flam, Bin Ban, Ole Miss By Damn!”

Don’t get me wrong, I like the NFL, but nowhere near as much as I like college football. What I worry about is the college game becoming more like the pros. I am still really upset that Nebraska chucked the option for the west coast offense. And don’t get me started on instant replay and overtime. College football is best as college football.

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One Comment on “NCAA v. NFL”

  1. JPW Says:

    No contest… In the U.S. NOTHING compares to college football.

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