Alvin Holmes For Governor!

He isn’t running for governor, and all I know about the guy is what I read in the paper this morning. But this is enough to get my vote:

The Christian Coalition of Alabama claims allegiance with heaven, but a Montgomery lawmaker on Monday told the group’s leader to go some place warm and fiery.

Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, responding to the group’s annual political questionnaire, asked the Coalition President John Giles to first answer questions about casino-interest money the group received and other matters.

“Until you answer these three questions, Go straight to hell,” Holmes wrote.

Holmes signed the letter “Peace be with you.”

Bwahahahah, I say again, Hahahahaha. That.Is.Awesome.

Oh yeah, here are his three questions:

Holmes said he wanted the coalition to:

Reveal its sources of income.

Disclose if it received any money from Ralph Reed or convicted lobbyist Michael Scanlon to lobby against gambling in Alabama.

Explain why the group opposed a bill that would require nonprofits to reveal sources of income if they do election advertising.

In case you are unfamiliar with the CCA, their philosophy is pretty simple. Christians must vote certain ways on certain issues. If a legislator does not vote in those particular ways, he is exposed to the faithful as a bad Christian, or no Christian at all. To accomplish this, they send out questionnaires to legislators, asking them how they would vote on certain issues. They also keep track of votes and compile a scorecard. High scores go to legislators who think like the CCA: Pro-choice, pro-death penalty, anti-gay, anti-tax, anti-immigrant, anti-“trial lawyers,” anti-gambling, anti-constitutional reform.

Naturally, lots of folks find the CCA’s absolutism and their mingling of God and government disturbing. But even more troubling is the CCA’s refusal to disclose their financial backers. There have been allegations that they took money from gambling interests and other unsavory characters. And their rabid support for pro-business issues makes me wonder who is really calling the shots. Perhaps the whole thing is just a sham. Religion used to dupe the trusting.

In light of this, Alvin Homes’ statement is very refreshing news.

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6 Comments on “Alvin Holmes For Governor!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Go Alvin! John Giles will never come clean about his financial sources, and the best thing that could happen would be continued and very public pressure to do so.

  2. Kathy Says:

    …Then he’ll look like the hypocrite I believe he is.

  3. cheifmanytypos Says:

    Didn’t Holmes get pulled over for DUI, not get arrested, then accused the black officer who pulled him over of being a racist?

  4. Wheeler Says:

    i think something like that happened. he also once said something along the lines of ‘i don’t trust anything an atheist says, because they do not believe in god.’

    whatever. he is dead on in this instance.

  5. […] Perhaps having attended the Troy King school of dealing with public criticism, John Giles responds to Alvin Holmes not by answering the charges, but by throwing around meaningless political terms. After a Montgomery lawmaker told him to go someplace warm and fiery, the head of the Christian Coalition of Alabama responded with a word that is considered dirty in some political circles: Liberal. […]

  6. Jimmy Tide Says:

    What’s wrong with the governor we got ? I mean the governor we got drinks pretty good.

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