Stupid, Lousy, Rotten Cats

With twins on the way, we have some major re-arranging to do at our house. We started this weekend, and one of the things we had to do was find a new spot for the cat box.

We decided on the basement. It’s out of sight and smell, and with the addition of a cat door is easily accessible for them. Also, though I’ve never previously let them down there, both cats have tried many times to get into it. So I figured they would be happy to finally be allowed into this new and strange territory.

Oh no, that would make sense. Instead, I spent all weekend trying to get the two monsters to go into the basement. They would not be prodded. Tempting them with food did not work. Standing down there and calling their names got no response. And when I tried to carry them, it was nothing but screams and fur and claws.

Last night I decided to take a risk and put the box in the basement. I figured nature would force them down there. Still, when I got out of bed this morning, the first thing I did was put my shoes on. But I did not need them! They went into the basement and used their new bathroom. Joy!

Or so I thought. Mid-morning I ran home to pick up some things I needed for work. As I opened the door, a foul aroma hit me. Grrrhh, I thought while I followed it through the house. Nothing in the kitchen. The hall is clear. No presents in the bathroom. Turning toward our bedroom, the stench gets worse. I reach the area next to my side of the bed and am almost knocked over. I look down and see – as if they intended to show me their contempt for moving their bathroom and at the same time let the dog know what they think of her – a sopping wet dog bed.

Stupid cats.

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4 Comments on “Stupid, Lousy, Rotten Cats”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Not stupid at all — they showed you exactly what they think of you fro moving their litter box. Sounds just like a cat. I hope they adapt soon!

  2. Dan Says:

    Our new cat just survived 2 cat box moves in a little more than a week. We hated to move it AGAIN after we just got her from Kathy, but we had to. She got a little mad and threw some kitty litter on the floor, but she started using it.

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  4. Frank Says:

    Your post cracked me up. AS the adopted father of two cats who object to every move we have made (from Alabama to Florida and then North Carolina), I can only say I laughed in total sympathy.

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