Anyone Speak German?

A commentator to this post links to one of my posts:

Hab den perfekten Post für dich gefunden

So is that commentator saying I am an idiot? A genius?  Something in between? Something else entirely?

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5 Comments on “Anyone Speak German?”

  1. Jen Says:

    According to an online (free – as is, not sure how reliable it is) translation service, the quote literally means – “Have the perfect postal services for you found.” Sounds positive to me….

  2. wheeler Says:

    that sounds like yoda-speak.

    but perfect in relation to what? i need to know what the original post said in order to know why mine is perfect.

  3. Kathy Says:

    I’ll send this to my stepdaughter. She spent a year in Germany and is pretty fluent.

  4. Josh Says:

    It means:

    I found the perfect post for you [to read].

    It’s written in slang. If it were in proper written form, it’d be:

    Ich habe den perfekten Post für dich gefunden.

  5. Susan Says:

    I speak German, too. Josh is right about it being colloquial; you’d never decipher that with a dictionary.

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