District 54

This is almost a week old, but in case you, like me, missed it, here are some facts on what really happened on election night.

What happened after the election is the worst part:

Charlie Williams and Kamau Afrika woke up Tuesday morning to Patricia Todd campaign signs in their yards. No big deal, since both men supported Todd during the District 54 campaign for the Alabama House. Only, these signs had been spray painted with the words “Uncle Tom” and images of an eight-ball. It was the latest ugly act in a campaign that’s still running two weeks after the Democratic primary.

In the District 54 race, Todd defeated Gaynell Hendricks by 59 votes. Hendricks has questioned the election results, and on Friday her mother-in-law, Mattie Childress, filed a complaint contesting the election with the Alabama Democratic Party. Within the next three weeks, a five-member panel of party officials in Montgomery will hear arguments from both sides. Meanwhile, the Campaign that Wouldn’t End gets uglier in Birmingham.

Williams, who is the Druid Hills neighborhood president, filled out a police report, even though he says he doesn’t consider the incident a hate crime. Rather, it’s just politics, he says.

Williams and Afrika had both been candidates in the District 54 race, but both were forced out of a runoff. Both men then endorsed Todd, who later paid them to work on her campaign. Since then, they have been the targets of people who don’t cotton to black folks supporting a white lady (never mind that more than one out of four black voters did just that). Williams said one woman from his neighborhood suggested he buy a bulletproof vest.

Progress, anyone?

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3 Comments on “District 54”

  1. Kathy Says:

    The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, August 15 at 9 am in Montgomery. It should be interesting, and probably quite nasty.

  2. Dan Says:

    I haven’t really seen a whole lot of coverage about this. Just a few rumors and musings. I think this kind of crap should be on CNN.

  3. wheeler Says:

    dan i agree. even the b’ham news ignores it. kyle whitmire at the weekly is the only person paying attention.

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