It’s Like Molasses Running Uphill In January

Dial up, that is. Man, how does anyone use use this anymore? The only benefit is that it cuts down on mindless surfing. You can only click on things you really want to see, because the cost for each click is ten minutes of your life spent staring at the screen as each little section of the new page gradually appears. I don’t even own a cell phone, so if I say something is technologically out of date, it is technologically out of date.

That said, last night in the mountains of beautiful northeastern Pennsylvania the temperature was below 75 by six o’clock, and we slept with the windows open. So I’m not missing the technology too much.

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3 Comments on “It’s Like Molasses Running Uphill In January”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That sounds like heaven!

  2. thegrrl Says:

    I can sympathise with the whole dial up thing, but when thats all you have, you learn not to complain lol. I’ve had to sleep with windows open here(england) recently as the nights have been so hot. But it was nice because I missed it after we moved here from california.

  3. Dan Says:

    Once you go high-speed, you never go back.

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