District 54 Results Contested

But not by the loser. By the loser’s mother in law:

The mother-in-law of Gaynell Hendricks has contested the Alabama House District 54 Democratic runoff, claiming Patricia Todd’s 59-vote victory was padded by illegal votes. Todd won the July 18 vote, 1,173 votes, or 51 percent, to Hendricks’ 1,114 votes, or 49 percent. Mattie Childress, 76, a retired beautician, filed the contest with the state Democratic Party after office hours on Thursday. She is the mother of former Birmingham City Councilman Elias Hendricks and mother-in-law of Gaynell Hendricks.

Insert joke here.

The hearing should be within the next three weeks.

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4 Comments on “District 54 Results Contested”

  1. Kathy Says:

    And didn’t you love the headline? “A voter” is contesting the race. As if some random person in the district decided on principle to challenge the results. Oh well, at least Gaynell’s mother-in-law likes her.

  2. wheeler Says:

    or she doesn’t, and legislative duties are a chance to get her out of town more often.

  3. Martee Says:

    Two words: sore loser!!!

  4. […] The District 54 race is rearing its ugly hair again (as if anyone doubted that an election won by 51 votes wouldn’t be contested). […]

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