Tired Of Hyperbole?

NPR had a story this morning about a recent poll of the fifty most competitive congressional districts. These are the ones that will determine who controls congress after November.

Personally, I think both parties are worthless. One is dangerous, the other incompetent. But what was really interesting about the story was this poll question:

I’m going to ask you about a number of issues that are being debated in the Congress and with the President. For each one, based on what you have heard recently, does it make you more likely to support the Democrats or the Republicans for Congress?

The issues that made people most likely to vote for Democrats?

Values issues, like stem cell research,flag burning and gay marriage.

One of the pollsters explains:

“And when we list values issues like stem-cell research, flag-burning and gay marriage, these are the issues that Republicans took the initiative, used their control in Congress to get on the air to be voting on, to be talking about,” Greenberg says. “What this says: By 13 points, voters say they are more likely to vote Democratic because of hearing about these issues. Which suggests that the strategy of using the Congress to get out the base is one that’s driving away a lot of voters.”

Perhaps the backlash has begun.

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2 Comments on “Tired Of Hyperbole?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    “Personally, I think both parties are worthless. One is dangerous, the other incompetent.”

    Assuming I’m on the same wavelength as to which is which, I’d have to add that one party has proven dangerous on some issues and incompetent on others. The other party has been ineffective, but it’s also in the minority and dealing with a majority that has no interest in bipartisanship. If the power shifts in November, I hope we’ll see a better performance.

  2. Dan Says:

    Perhaps the backlash has begun.

    God I hope so. I’ve had about as much of a Republican majority as I can stand. I’m ready for some spineless inaction.

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