Public Transit In B’ham

Headline, the first:

Cities balk at transit increases.

Headline, the second:

Leaders taking to the road to talk traffic with Atlanta suburb leaders.

I’m not being totally fair. From the articles, it appears that the leaders going to Atlanta are not the leaders of the cities unwilling to pay for public transit (Mountain Brook, Vestavia Hills). Still, these two articles are pretty good evidence that the B’ham metro area will never have a useful public transit system.

That is a shame. To start, asking Atlanta officials for advice on traffic management is like asking B’ham officials for advice on crime prevention. But the real problem is that the geniuses going to Atlanta will return full of great ideas for . . . BIGGER roads. Which will lead to . . . more cars. Which require . . . BIGGER roads. The saying is true: Building a bigger road to solve a traffic problem is like buying a bigger belt to solve a weight problem.

Public transit, on the other hand, more efficiently uses the current roads; contributes less poison to our already dangerous air; saves its users money, stress, and time; and is all in all a much more community oriented means of travel. In other words, it makes sense. So it will never happen.

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4 Comments on “Public Transit In B’ham”

  1. […] Wheeler thinks asking ATL officials on advice for traffic is a dumb idea. […]

  2. Mark Paris Says:

    I have a solution to Atlanta’s traffic problem: start closing lanes on the expressways. I know this is a little like suggesting that starving Irish eat their babies, but it would probably work better than building more roads.

  3. Dan Says:

    Public transportation will never catch on until white people start using it.

  4. wheeler Says:

    personally, i’d like to see a ban on new road construction. let gas prices and clogged roads force folks to find new ways to travel and better ways to live. it would be rough in the short term, but it would not take long before we would all be much happier.

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