The Media Is Evil, People Are Stupid, Churches Are Slothful, And The Republican Party Is Apostate

Those are the reasons given by Roy Moore, in this interview, for his loss in the Guber Primary.

But first, the million dollar question:

[Michael Peroutka]: Well, will you run again?

[Roy Moore]: I don’t know, Michael, it’s hard to say right now. I think I’ll continue to teach right now, and very possibly may run sometime in the future.

Now, the Apostates:

RM: We didn’t have a lot of the Christian people who would vote in a Republican Primary — some did of course. I think we’ve got to — it brought to my understanding that the political parties have so departed from Christian faith that they both have just left the Christians disenfranchised. They’ve left people of faith with no where to turn to. Their faith is in money, not in God.

MP: And yet, people of faith — “Christians” continue to turn to, primarily to, the Republican Party, and equate (and we’ve talked about this on our program here) they equate the Republican Party with Christianity, and we just see the evidence is contrary to that.

RM: Well, I think so. And I think that’s very plain.

The evil media and stupid people:

MP: Now, do you think that the people of Alabama — maybe you’ve answered this question already. I’m asking it a little different way, but do you think the people of Alabama really understood what was before them here?

RM: I don’t think so. I think it’s very difficult to get it out when you don’t have the press [telling the truth.] I think the press is there to continually deceive the people as to what’s going on. They continually don’t reveal things about the other side as to what’s going on in the world of politics.

Don’t forget the slothful churches:

MP: Did you feel like you got support from the Christian community?

RM: Well, we needed more. Let me just put it that way.

Throughout the interview Moore, as usual, plays ‘fast and loose’ with history and the law. For corrections of Moore’s mistakes and misrepresentations, read this post.

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9 Comments on “The Media Is Evil, People Are Stupid, Churches Are Slothful, And The Republican Party Is Apostate”

  1. Susan Says:

    Still, in Moore’s defense, people are stupid.

  2. Kathy Says:

    And I find myself in agreement with him on one other point — the Republican party is most certainly not Christian. Everything else is the usual Moore BS.

  3. anna Says:

    I agree with what Kathy says.

  4. Wheeler Says:

    you may reach the same conclusion, but i bet moore’s rational for calling the gop non-christian is very different from yours.

  5. Kathy Says:

    I’m quite sure it is.

  6. […] Tuesday, July 25, 2006 My reaction to Moore’s excuses Dan on 2006-07-25 @ 11:04 pm Wheeler at Alablawg has Roy Moore’s excuses for losing the election according to a recent interview. It’s pretty funny and here are the best ones: I think the press is there to continually deceive the people as to what’s going on. They continually don’t reveal things about the other side as to what’s going on in the world of politics. […]

  7. Don Says:

    (Posted earlier on Between the Links}

    Moore must not remember the excuse he gave (which I agree with) shortly after the primary on the “Don Markwell’s Viewpoint” program (WACV am1170 in Montgomery, which is streamed over the internet), and which was more recently repeated when his campaign manager Jay Holland was a guest co-host on the program. They both said that he lost simply because he didn’t get his message out to the voters. Now, it seems, Moore is trying to place the blame for that on media, rather than himself and Holland.

    Moore’s Mission Statement, which is still on his campaign website, was to “Return Alabama To The People” through term limits, fewer legislative sessions, and ending “double dipping” in the legislature as the first of his five planks, most of which was just empty political rhetoric and posturing.

    What he failed to do, and the reason, I believe that his message fell on deaf ears, was that he never said how he, as an almost powerless governor working with (or against) a Democratic controlled legislature (whose members were sure to kill upon arrival any legislation on those issues that he introduced as a matter of their own survival) proposed accomplishing those things. The public simply saw his rhetoric for what it was.

    When I asked them how he expected to get those things done, both of them said that it would be done by the public voting out enough members of the present legislature and replacing them with legislators who would cooperate with Moore.

    Well duh! That sounds good to me, but it’s not even reasonable to rely on that approach ‘cause it ain’t about to happen.

  8. […] H/T Wheeler at Alablawg These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  9. George Says:

    The GOP is a greedy party intent on taxing the middle class and keeping the worlds wealth in the hands of the worlds richest 1% who has more wealth than the bottom 99% Combined.They always say “No more taxes”.But when the get their power from the public (who is ignorant because they are misinformed because of the media and just plain well ignorance) they raise taxes as soon as they get the chance….On the middle and lower class.Bush gave tax cuts to the wealthy saying it would be a “trickle down ” effect of wealth.The wealth trickled down to the pockets of the wealthy who were by no means sharing.Americans WAKE UP.The GOP does not care about you or your interest if you are not rich and that is a FACT!!!

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