Back In Town

Turns out my eyes were not deceiving me as I drove through Dothan yesterday; the noonday sky did turn black, the sun was blood red, zombies truly awoke, children really were crying and dogs actually whimpered in terror.

Even with that ghoulish experience on the way back to B’ham and the two obvious sins of the city itself – home of Bobby Bowden and Jeb Bush – the weekend in Tallahassee was great.

One day I’ll learn not to discount flat land riding. It always surprises me. Saturday was a forty five mile road ride. We did not start until almost ten, so I figured we would suffer in the heat. Not so! The roads were almost entirely canopied by huge oak trees. In addition to the practical benefits, the trees, with their hanging moss, were beautiful. It made for a great ride.

Sunday was mountain biking. Again, the ride was better than expected. But the real treat was the crash at the end. We were off the trails and back at the truck, which was parked next to a BMX track. I said it would be a shame to leave without riding the track. JD agreed, and so we rode past the sign saying “helmet and gloves required, knee pads advised” and onto the track. About half way through, I hit one of the ramps a bit too fast to roll over it, but not fast enough to clear it. Result: front tire came down first, back end goes up, bike and rider do sort of unicycle action on front tire, then rider goes over handlebars and hits ground on his knees, followed by left elbow and shoulder. Nothing broke, on me or the bike, but I’m still moving slowly.

And of course, we spent time with our friends. Their new town is cool. JD likes his new job. They’re doing well. We miss being nearby, but are happy for them, and had a great weekend.   

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3 Comments on “Back In Town”

  1. BG Says:

    Hey long time listener first time caller….
    You got really lucky with that bike. I once did the exact same “too fast but too slow” maneuver on a similar track. I ended up with a broken collar bone and elbow. Keep up the good work with the blog. I am from Alabama but no longer live there. The blog keeps me in touch. Thanks.

  2. Kathy Says:

    I’m glad you suffered no permanent ill effects from the crash or the proximity to Cheney. Welcome back!

  3. […] Wheeler is back in town, and has more respect for signs that read “helmet and gloves required, knee pads advised.” […]

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