District 54

For two reasons, I think I’ll choose Patricia Todd over Gaynell Hendricks.

I said yesterday I would not vote for either of them because both have repeatedly called my house and sent me stupid fliers. Todd, however, on at least one occasion had a real person bother me. That gave me someone to whom I could voice my complaints. Disturbing my dinner for Hendricks, on the other hand, was a recording of Richard Arrington, Jr. All I could do was yell at the phone. No-one picked up when I dialed back the number, either. Very frustrating.

The other reason is that one of the messages left by Hendricks said something like “a vote for me is a vote for family values.” As I am an adult who does not wish to be told by public officials not to drink from the milk carton, or commanded not to belch at the dinner table, or sent to time out for disobeying one of those familial rules, I will definitely not be voting for Mater Hendricks.  

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6 Comments on “District 54”

  1. lisa Says:

    no better way than to drink milk from from the carton, and I would vote AGAINST anyone who tried to stop me!

  2. wheeler Says:

    me too. i’m not sure why any candidate would so proudly proclaim their desire to treat us all like two year olds. on the other hand, families often do fun stuff like go on vacation. so maybe she means that if we elect her we all get to go to disney world?

    then again, “family values” may have some secret meaning of which i’m not aware. perhaps something to do with denigrating todd’s sexual orientation? nah, surely if hendricks thought sexual orientation was something voters ought to consider when choosing public officials she would have expressly declared her bigotry.

    she must mean that if we vote for her we have to go to bed by nine, but that we get an all expenses paid trip to gulf shores in return.

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  4. Kathy Says:

    “then again, “family values” may have some secret meaning of which i’m not aware. perhaps something to do with denigrating todd’s sexual orientation? “

    Gee, ya think? I just hope it turns off other voters as well.

  5. […] Patricia Todd is gay, and Gaynell Hendricks made sure the voters knew that a vote for Hendricks was a vote for “family values.” I joked about it yesterday, but I think we all know what she was really saying. […]

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