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I don’t know how many of you will appreciate this blogger’s advice to pastors who want to connect the unchurched to a family of faith through a relevent blog that expresses their vision in a transparent way. 

But if you have ever spent any time at all in the evangelical world, or read anything by Rick Warren, or attended a church like B’ham’s Six Flags Over Jesus, you will laugh out loud. My favorites:

5) Put lots of pictures of yourself on your blog, especially ones of you preaching and “relating” with seekers, but make sure you are wearing jeans and a long untucked shirt. That’s what everybody wears, so even if you happen to be 60 years old, show them that you can dress just like them, like a teenager. Then they’ll be less afraid to come to church.

12) You need to be prepared for anyone who might leave a negative comment on your blog that would seem to question your ‘vision’. Those ruin the whole upbeat enthusiasm thing. The way to handle these is to cover-up any biblical points that they made, by citing the number of baptisms you had last month. Ask them how many baptisms their church had. Show them that “numbers” are the end-all indicator of ministry success, and try to make them feel less successful if they don’t produce as many numbers as you do. That might discourage them from arguing with you. If they persist by questioning your obsession with numbers, remind them that “numbers are people” and “we count because we care” etc.

So familiar, so revolting.

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12 Comments on “The Seeker Sensitive Blog”

  1. Kathy Says:

    The post was funny, but the comments were a bit scary. By the end, they’d even digressed into complaining about what other people wear to church.

  2. wheeler Says:

    i found the pokes at the style of the ‘seeker sensitive’ type to be humorous. the commentators and the author, it appears, think the style is indicitive of serious theological issues. i depart from them on that score.

    i.e. is it silly for a pastor to wear baggy clothes in hopes of attracting youthful converst? certainy. does that make him a heretic? definitely not.

  3. jr Says:

    Those were great

  4. Susan Says:


    What do you make of Six Flags calling a 28-year-old as ‘Senior Pastor?’

  5. Susan Says:


    Also, you don’t believe many churches sacrifice serious theological inquiry/discussion for seeker-sensitive sermons “that apply to your everyday life!” ?

  6. wheeler Says:


    1) i don’t know. on one hand pastoral work requires experiencial knowledge – of god, the world and the two together – that usually only comes with time. on the other hand, who knows what wisdom this guy has. on yet another hand, i hope the call was not motivated by a desire to seem young, fresh, relevent, exciting, vel sim.

    2) sure they do. but, contra those commentators, in my evangelical days my reaction to such sermons was to catch up on lost sleep, rather than turning the offender over to the doctrinal police. of course that meant most of my time was wasted. of course now that i am catholic i really don’t have to worry about bad sermons. the least important part of the worship experience is the homily, and it only takes ten minutes. so when it stinks, it’s no big deal.

  7. quaoar Says:

    I’ll say this about Brook Hills — they went above and beyond a lot of area churches in taking in Katrina victims.

    Regarding the pastor blog — Is that guy for real? Jeez.

  8. Clueless Says:

    Does anyone know if George Wallace Jr.’s “Limousine Luther” radio ad is available online? I heard it on the radio today and couldn’t believe it?

    I don’t know much about Six Flags/Brook Hills – what’s the deal there?

  9. wheeler Says:

    ‘limousine luther’? i have not heard it, but the title sounds great.

    as for six flags/brook hills, imho, it is the best local example of what is known as a “seeker sensitive church.” i call it six flags because of the carnival atmosphere.

  10. Clueless Says:

    What’s a “seeker sensitive church”? Is that a mega-church? How are those related?
    The limosine luther ad is hilarious – talks about luther and his gucci shoes at the “mountain club” [sic] and how luther thinks that shelby and fob james are not real republicans because they, like wallace, ran as democrats once upon a time.

  11. wheeler Says:

    some of them end up as mega churches, but the two are not necessarily the same. it’s tough to clearly define a seeker sensitive church. most are theologically and politically conservative, but not militarily so. the distinguishing traits, imho, are the things they do to appear open to outsiders.

    the sanctuary will look more like an auditorium than a sanctuary – video screens, theatre type seats (no pews), several aisles, speakers and wires everywhere. the name will not feature the denomination, and sometimes will avoid the word church. music will be by a group of young folks with facial hair who play guitars and drums rather than by an old lady on piano. the preacher does not shout or spend inordinate time explaining the meaning of greek and hebrew words, rather he makes jokes and attempts to ‘connect with’ the congregation. all of them place a big emphasis on getting people to attend a small group bible study type thing in addition to the weekly worship service. they often have a variety of community programs like day cares or sports leagues. the buildings wherein all this takes place will be very user friendly: maps, directions, ushers, parking attendants.

    bill hybels (willow creek community church) and rick warren (saddleback community church) are the two most well know proponents.

    like i said, it’s tough to define “seeker sensitive church,” but like obscenity, you’ll know it when you see it.

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