Maybe I’ll Name My Daughter Arwen

Or Galadriel. Or Eowyn, since she has the most outstanding line of the entire trilogy. When the Lord of the Nazgul says to her “Fool. No man can kill me.” She responds “I am no man” as she plunges her sword into his ghoulish head. Absolutely. Kick. Ass.

Anyway, expect repeated Lord of the Rings references this week, because we watched the entire extended version over the weekend. 

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6 Comments on “Maybe I’ll Name My Daughter Arwen”

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  2. Kathy Says:

    You should have invited my husband over. He loves “Lord of the Rings”! But if you want your daughter to love you forever, please don’t name her Arwen.

  3. Dan Says:

    I say go with Irulan. It’s a more obscure reference to fantasy/sci fi.

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  5. jackie Says:

    Does that mean your son will be Frodo or Striker?

  6. HP Says:

    Strider, not Striker….he’s use striker if he was a big Wayne Rooney fan. 🙂

    I was traumatized when I put together that Galadriel was Arwen’s grandmother. That just made me feel dirty.


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