That Would Require A Spine

In advance of a Friday night Birmingham appearance by Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, state GOP chair Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh said she hopes to soon lure his counterpart for a visit, and she has even purchased an airline gift certificate for his use.

“The Alabama Republican Party is proud to host our national chairman and hear him outline the GOP’s conservative vision for our nation and our state,” Cavanaugh said. “Alabamians deserve to hear where the Democrats want to lead us, as well, so we have extended an invitation to Howard Dean and bought a plane ticket for his use. He should come to our state, stand next to Lucy Baxley and outline, precisely, where the Democrats stand on issues like abortion, taxes, Second Amendment rights, and gay marriage.”

And while you’re at it, ol’ Howie boy, explain to us where you stand on the power of the president to ignore the law; or the unending ‘conservative’ assault on our First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Etc. Amendment freedoms; or how we ought to balance the federal budget; or the right of states to decide for themselves issues relating to marriage or medicine; or the role of money in politics; or what, exactly, we are doing in the middle east; or our ability to live without constant government supervision; or whether public policy ought to be driven by facts and reason or fundamentalist theology. 

And please don’t pussyfoot around, hoping to win votes by watering down your own message. Explain why Twinkle and her minions are dead wrong to oppose gay marriage. Let reason dispel their demagoguery. Give us the facts on the estate tax. We are reasonable people. That goes for abortion as well.

You may not succeed, but at least you lost on the merits.

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2 Comments on “That Would Require A Spine”

  1. heller C. Says:

    I had a female dog named twinkle.

  2. […] Before I get the hate-mail, I’m no fan of the spineless Democrats either. I even hope Howard Dean takes Twinkle up on her offer to visit Alabama and tell us all how he feels on certain issues. I wish her press release was a little bit more mature and less like a 13 year old bully taunting a poor kid, but I agree all the same. Just do me a favor with the hate mail. Don’t talk about Democrats, whatever you do. I don’t care stupid they are right now. I only care about how stupid you are. Filed under Elections, Bush Blows, The Feds permalink :: email author :: no comments […]

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