Le Tour

I am man enough to admit that I started riding a road bike because of Lance Armstrong. I’d always ridden the mountain bike, but never ‘got’ the road thing until I watched he and Marco Pantani battle it out in 2000.

Lance retired, though. So I have to find someone else to support. I had just about decided on Jan Ulrich – the Buffalo Bills of cycling – when I found out he and Ivan Basso, another favorite to win, aren’t going to be racing. What else, but doping.

The bright side is that Basso is on the same team as Dave Zabriskie. Zabriskie is an American and a very strong rider. He won last year’s opening time trial, beating even Armstrong. This year, his role would have been to support Basso. But now that Basso is out, the team ought to be Zabriskie’s.

I don’t know, maybe I’ll root for Zabriskie. Regardless of my choices, this ought be great race. Lance was awesome, but it made the whole thing seem fore-ordained. Think MJ and the Bulls in the mid-nineties. This year, anything could happen.

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