Light Blogging Until Thursday

Yesterday and today because we’ve got family in town. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because I have a habeas petition to finish.

Not a good one, either. Because Alabama does not appoint counsel for post conviction proceedings, the client filed it on his own. That means he omitted several important claims, thereby preventing the federal habeas court from considering them. Also, because of the way the time limits are calculated, by the time he contacted us, there were about three weeks left in which to read the 1,800 page record, the appellate briefs, and the earlier decisions, then decide what issues are worth raising, research them and write the petition.

The issue I want to raise is double jeopardy. The guy was convicted of two counts of capital murder for killing one person. However, for reasons that could only make sense to someone warped by law school, it looks pretty clear that this is not a double jeopardy violation. I may still try to argue this (it isn’t back and white), but it won’t be the first issue; I’ll stick it in the middle somewhere.

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2 Comments on “Light Blogging Until Thursday”

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