Man Haters

The War on Drugs; the War on Terror; the War on Christmas; the War on Easter; the War on Christians. And now, according to the World Net Daily, we have the War on Fathers:

"The problem," said David Kupelian, managing editor of WND and Whistleblower [magazine], "is that misguided feminists, intent on advancing a radically different worldview than the one on which this nation was founded, have succeeded in fomenting a revolution. And that revolution amounts to a powerful and pervasive campaign against masculinity, maleness, boys, men and patriarchy."

I wish someone would draw up a chart or something similar showing who is on which side in all these wars. I'm not sure where I belong, never mind who my friends and enemies are. It would all be so much easier if it was still 1776.

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3 Comments on “Man Haters”

  1. swissarmytoothpick17 Says:

    It makes you wonder if it has come to this: where people now seem to identify more with the category that makes them feel put-upon, than to seek some common ground upon which to agree. It is negative imagery.

  2. Mark Paris Says:

    Did these idiots just discover that there has been a war on fathers ever since the sitcom was invented? There are about twenty idiot fathers for every halfway decent father on American sitcoms. However, I don’t think it’s feminists that started it. I think it was aliens, maybe the same ones that designed us in the first place. They are tired of us and want us to become extinct.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Mark, ads are pretty much the same. Of course, they usually show these idiots married to hot women, so I guess that’s supposed to give everyday guys hope. It isn’t just fathers that are shown to be stupid, though; mothers are frequently portrayed as absent and/or clueless — or dead, or evil (when they’re stepmothers) in Disney movies. It’s no wonder my kids think they’re so much smarter than I or their father.

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