Straining Out Gnats, Or, Why You Should Vote Republican

Molly Ivins in today’s Anniston Star:

I believe what we have here is a difference over moral values.

The Republicans are worried about the flag, gay marriage and the terrible burden of the estate tax on the rich. The rest of us are obviously unnecessarily worried about war, peace, the economy, the environment and civilization. Another reason to vote Republican — they have a shorter list.

Yep, Sen. Sessions, Sen. Shelby, your courageous support for the anti-gay marriage amendment has convinced me your party is the one with the rational, achievable plan for solving this country’s problems. Clearly, anyone who opposes you wants to destroy America.

Sure you guys fell miserably short of the goal in this case, but if you keep up the good fight you will eventually get your deserts. If you and your kind stay the course, no doubt you’ll see the country rush to join you – as they did your ideological anscestors – the next time you toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny and say Republicans now, Republicans tomorrow, Republicans forever!

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