Larry Darby?

Perhaps my glee over the Moore-ons defeat ought to be tempered by the fact that Larry “The Only Holocaust I Believe in Is the One I Am Going To Instigate Against Illegal Immigrants” Darby managed to receive forty three percent of the vote in the Democratic A.G. primary.

Who are the 163,000 people who voted for this guy? I’ve argued in the past that a person’s belief, or non-belief, in a deity has no relevance to his qualifications as a political candidate. That said the fact is in Alabama being a Bible believing, God fearing Christian of some type is a pre-requisite for public office. So how did Larry Darby, the atheist get so many votes? Some might respond that he is a Democrat, and Democrats hate God. O.K., but Democrats also dislike holocaust-denying, war-on-immigrants-declaring, avowed racists. The Libertarians also long ago disowned him. Who voted for this guy?

I don’t know. So I am going to do like The Honest Propagandist and assume it’s because of ignorance. Surely the only reason Darby got 163,000 votes is because 162,999 of the voters (all but Darby) did not know the whole story.

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