The End Of The World?

Alabamian worries that the proposed anti-homosexual amendment could energize the Roy Moore supporters, handing him victory in the Republican primary tomorrow. I’ll admit part of me – the same part that wants to slow down to look at car wrecks – kind of hopes it happens. Maybe even a total sweep for the Clones, also. And then Larry Darby as A.G. Wouldn’t Roy Moore as governor and Larry Darby as A.G. be amazing? Whose head would explode first?

But this article doesn’t think the homophobia thing will be much of a catalyst. I agree. Besides, anyone who supports the amendment is just as likely to support Riley and the incumbent justices as the Moore-ons. So even if it drives folks to the poles, it won’t necessarily drive them to the Moore-ons.

Then again, tomorrow is 6-6-06, so who knows what will happen.

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