A Match Made In Heaven

If you were to total the hours I have spent watching television and catalogue the results by program, I am sure numbers one and two most watched would be the Simpsons and college football. Which is why I think this post, comparing college football programs to Simpons characters is one of the best I have seen this year. (H/T Southern Appeal).

My favorites:

Tennessee: Sideshow Bob
Both Sideshow Bob and Big Orange Nation are convinced of their own superiority, though there’s not much backing either of them up these days. Sideshow Bob has been spending most of his time in jail, while the Vols have been sucking wind on a 5-6 season (and spending a lot of time in jail, now that I think about it). Two of the most easily dislikeable characters in their respective neighborhoods.

Ole Miss and Mississippi State: Lenny and Carl, respectively
Perpetual sidekicks, occasionally good for a laugh, but they’re almost certain to never make their way into the limelight. However, the Rebels and Bulldogs have a grand total of one appearance in the SEC championship game. Even Lenny and Carl can count on at least a little screen time in each episode.

Arkansas: Groundskeeper Willie
A loner, an outsider, a funny-talkin’ sort who comes off as just plain weird to most other people. Yet there’s just something indescribably dangerous about them that can be counted on to rear its ugly head every once in a while.

Plenty more where that came from: Florida State is Chief Wiggum; Ohio State is Drederick Tatum; Notre Dame is Mr Burns while Boston College is Smithers. Go read the whole thing.

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