Major Thanks To Hammer Of Truth

For leading me to Jeremiah Bullfrog’s explanation of why Brokeback Mountain means we need a federal anti-gay marriage amendment:

I was a fixin ta’ git out the throwin stars and tear up that DVD, but I got sucked into the plot dangit! How cum that thar hunky feller wouldnt run away with that thar purty one? How could that wife jez let ‘im go up to that mountain after knowin they wuz a sparkin? At the end I cried a little bit, but jez cauze that thar purty girl got left…

That thar movie jez proves that GW and his buddies need ta cum up with some way to illegalize gay marriage. Look at how sad everbody wuz in that movie! People’s a’ cryin and a’ hollerin and fallin on each other…

You wanna know if you is able ta’ marry ask James Dobson. He’s the one that makes the call on stuff like that…

That is the funniest blog I have read in a while, maybe ever. For certain a new daily read. If you need another example, consider Mr. Bullfrog’s explanation of why we must pre-emptively strike Mexico:

Because only three things keep Mexico from possessing one of them thar NUCULAR BOMBS!:

1) 25-50 years of intense research and plutonium accumulation,
2) 500 billion dollars, and,
3) a team of top-notch nuclear scientists that hate freedom and want to destroy GW…

Imagine that! Nukes in our hemisphere! Hell Naw!

Jes’ Like when the dog tries to make it with the cat….You just gotta put a stop to it, no matter how hard that ol’ dog just humps and humps….it is a abomination dangit!

Its good to know that GW is out there, findin problems before they start and puttin a end to ’em so’s we dont even know they is there…pre-emptively

Just go read it, it’s awesome.

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