Republicans United

Against those nasty ol’ illegals:

Republican Gov. Bob Riley and his opponent, former Chief Justice Roy Moore, voiced support Monday for President Bush’s plan to use the National Guard along the Mexican border. “If we’d done this years ago, we’d have put a stop to illegal immigration,” Riley said. . . .

Moore, who faces Riley in the Republican primary on June 6, has been critical of Bush’s handling of the illegal immigration issue, but now thinks he’s waking up to the problem. “I’m glad he’s suddenly realizing the policy we’ve been pursuing the last five or six years has been detrimental to our society,” he said. Moore, who spent five years in the active Army and one year in the Reserves, believes the Guard can handle the extra responsibility.

“It is the duty of the federal government to defend our borders from an invasion, whether it’s a foreign army or a foreign nationality,” Moore said.

Yes, the threat presented by people who want to come here and work to support their families is sooooo much more important than anything else the Guard might have to do:

U.S. military troops with severe psychological problems have been sent to Iraq or kept in combat, even when superiors have been aware of signs of mental illness, a newspaper reported for Sunday editions. . . .

The Army’s top mental health expert, Col. Elspeth Ritchie, acknowledged that some deployment practices, such as sending service members diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome back into combat, have been driven in part by a troop shortage.

So on the one hand you have the health and safety of our troops in Iraq, while on the other you have the need to secure the border get re-elected. Who do you think is gonna lose that battle?

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