Larry Langford Is An Idiot

First, lest anyone draw from my previous couple of posts the conclusion that I am one of those obnoxious types who thinks all criticism of minorities springs from racism, I write the current post.

Now, forget the Mohammed cartoons, the B’ham News has committed an even greater sin. On the fourth of May, they published this:

The two local officials in the cartoon are B’ham Mayor Bernard Kincaid and JeffCo Commissioner Larry Langford. How does Langford respond to this impugning of his competence? By explaining the procedures he and Mayor Kincaid have developed for dealing with a bird flu outbreak? By assuring us they are capable and ready for the problem? Oh no. Instead, He says the cartoon was

the most “racist and distasteful” work of art he’s ever seen.

Alright, I was not totally fair, he did explain his plans for dealing with any pandemics:

“As opposed to worrying about who would lead you in the event of a pandemic, what they need to do is pray to God that if one happens, he spares you.”

Now, based on Larry’s reactions to the cartoon – crying racism and telling us that God might protect us from the bird flue – can you think of any reasons other than race that the author might have worried about Larry’s ability to lead this county? If you want some more evidence of the Commissioner’s incompetence, read about some of his previous work here.

Black or white, Langford is exactly what the cartoon portrays him as: A petty, loudmouthed, opinionated, finger-pointing incompetent local official. Langford is correct on one thing, though. God will have to save us if Larry Langford is responsible for handling any local pandemic.

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