The Alabama Defenders

Have a question for us:

What is the difference between a foreign nation conquering the United States and the illegal alien invasion we are seeing now?

Ummm, the foreign nation would enter the country via guns, tanks, missiles, and the like while illegals just walked across the border? The conquering nation would rape, plunder and pillage, whereas the illegals mow the grass?

Wrong. The correct answer:

the end results are the same. A foreign invasion would be quicker than the current invasion and the current invasion does not involve bloodshed. Move the clock forward a few years and visualize millions of aliens, add their high birth rate, and they will soon become a majority in most states. If President Bush doesn’t do a better job and overcome his low popularity rating of 30%, we could be facing a liberal Democrat President and Congress next time. They are likely to give the aliens drivers licenses and the right to vote. From that point forward, we will forever have a liberal Democrat Congress and White House. The liberal Democrats will confiscate your wealth, tax you to pay welfare, free medical, and Social Security for the aliens. They will make many laws to favor them and will discriminate against us.

So do something, lest we face the double danger of aliens and Democrats.

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