All I Know About Luther Strange,

Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, is that his new television add is really annoying. You can watch it here.

He spends the thirty second add telling us he is a “true Alabama conservative,” who has “fundamental values as a Christian.” He makes sure to point out that he still attends the same church in which he was married. Meanwhile, phrases like “Bible Study Leader” and “Christian Values” scroll across the bottom of the screen.

First, this is just bad manners. It’s like discussing how much money you make. Keep it to yourself. Second, this add tells me absolutely nothing about his qualifications for the job. What does the job require? How is he able to carry out those requirements? And why will his performance be better than that of the other candidates?

She is running for governor, but this add still makes me want to vote for Loretta Nall, who has pledged:

While the other candidates in this year’s election will spend their time trying to out-Jesus each other my campaign will offer no such shenanigans.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if every candidate could say this?

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2 Comments on “All I Know About Luther Strange,”

  1. […] Update: For you out-of-staters, The One Who Plays Tennis at Mountain Brook is Little Jim’s opponent, Big Luther Strange. Big Luther has also used the television to make himself look like an idiot. Explore posts in the same categories: Elections, Goobers […]

  2. Suzanne Dickinson Says:

    Dear Alabama GOP,

    I have voted Republican as long as I can remember and was highly interested in Luther Strange’s platform until the most recent television ad which I saw this morning before I left for work. The ad appears to be an attack against the “powerful education lobby” and implies that high teacher salaries are to blame for Alabama’s education difficulties. As a high school teacher, I would very much like to respond. First of all, many of my colleagues have master and specialist level degrees, yet earn less than half the salary of a similarly educated professional in other venues. As a matter of fact, the teacher next door to me gave up a lucrative banking job making $48K, went back to school to get a 5th year degree, and now makes a whopping $25K! Please explain how that high teacher salary thing works again because someone forgot to tell us about that. Most of the teachers I work with use their own money to purchase extra things for their students and classrooms that are not considered necessities and are not covered by “classroom money” given by the state. I personally spend between $200-500 annually to supply my students with things that I feel are important for the learning environment with no expectation of reimbursement. Teachers also spend untold hours volunteering after school and on weekends without reimbursement. Our Key Club sponsor averages 10-12 hours each week without pay, our Special Education teacher tutors 2 1/2 hours after school 4 days a week, and the list goes on and on. I personally spent time Friday night volunteering at a football concession stand. Our increasingly short summers are often spent at workshops and conferences aimed at improving our effectiveness. Those hours are donated free of charge. How many professionals do you know of that work for free and spend their own money for supplies to work with at the office? Furthermore, the environment in which I work has become increasingly violent and unsafe. Just last week a parent brutally attacked one of my administrators in her office. Last year a student threatened that he would “cut” me up with a knife, and the same year a 9mm was removed from another of student’s locker. With my background, I could make much more money in the private sector and feel much safter as well. I choose to be a teacher because I choose to make a difference. However, a couple of weeks ago I was given 2 more students to prepare for the graduation exam. Both of those students currently demonstrate a 4th grade reading level–in the 9th grade. If I can get them up to the 7th grade level before the end of this school year, I will still be considered a failure as a teacher in the eyes of the NCLB standards. We are given a nearly impossible job, very little professional respect, and have salaries lower than most every other state! Luther Strange should be ashamed of himself for alienating a large number of his constituents by trying to find a scapegoat for his campaign.

    Suzanne Dickinson
    9th grade English
    Childersburg High School

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