I’m Back

And off to court.

As for the trip, it was good. All I will say is that every day needs to be like Sunday. I got up with the sun and went for a good ride. It was a big loop around Cross Lake, in and outside Shreveport, La. No traffic, surprisingly good roads, and some beautiful views of the lake made for thirty five fun miles.

Then my step-brother, with whom I was staying, made breakfast for us. Nothing beats gorging yourself on pancakes, sausage and eggs. After that it was off to the river to do some fishing. We did not catch much, but the weather was perfect so I enjoyed just sitting there watching the water roll by.

By mid-afternoon it was getting hot, and we were hungry. We left the river and headed to our grandmother’s. She fixed us some lunch – roast with a side of blackeyed peas. We sat and visited for a couple of hours, until she had to go to evening church.

Then it was back to the river. The sun was setting by now, and the fish were a little more active. Unfortunately, they were also little. No keepers, but the weather was fine and the beer was good, so what was there to complain about?

Finally, we packed up for the day and headed home. But not before stopping at Joe’s for some dinner. They make the greatest shrimp po’ boy in the world.

We arrived at the house exhausted from a day’s hard work, and full of some good food. Our cousin and her husband stopped by and we talked with them for a while. Then it was off to a good night’s sleep after a very rewarding day.

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