I Agree With War Liberal

Who bemoans the involvement of Fox Sports with the BCS. Some folks hate Fox News; I hate Fox Sports. They are real high on my list of the worst things to ever happen to televised sports. So much do I wish they had never been born, that if you told me we could go back in time and, ab initio, get rid of them, but that we would also have to eliminate Fox’s one positive contribution to society – The Simpsons – I would think long and hard about it.

I have plenty of reasons for my animosity including all the stupid graphics that leave about ten percent of the screen for the game. The primary cause, however, is that apparently the job description for color commentator is something like, ‘Wanted, loud, ignorant, ex-athlete to sit next to a professional broadcaster and act like a buffoon during games.’ This is every Fox telecast:

Play by Play Guy: Smith takes the handoff, heads for the outside, he turns the corner and is finally run out of bounds after a fifteen yard gain.

Color Guy: Boy, look at him turn on the jets as he goes around the tight end there. You can’t teach stuff like that. Man is he fast. And the line is really playing strong, they are just blowing the defense off the ball. The defenders are playing without any passion right now. They are just going through the motions.

Play by Play: Now Smith goes up the middle for seven yards.

Color: He is really running down hill now, those big ‘ol defensive linemen are just worn out. They can’t keep up with him. He’s past them before they even realize it. You can really feel the momentum swinging. And he is strong enough to plow over them if they do get in his way. Smith is putting his team on his back and saying let me carry you to the win.

Play by Play: Here is the snap, and oh, Jones breaks through and stops Smith for no gain.

Color: Wow! He really hit him hard! What a play! Look at that, he just lowers his shoulders and really hits Smith. Smith will feel that tomorrow. He can’t run inside with those big boys and expect to survive for long. The defense is too big and strong.

Play by Play: Now Johnson is in the shotgun, here’s the snap. He looks deep, pulls back, now the pocket is collapsing. Here come Jones, and Johnson is sacked.

Color: Oh man, they were just fired up on defense on that play. They really wanted the stop. You can feel the momentum shifting right now. You can just feel the energy, the emotion, powering that defense. They are going to carry this team to victory.

They are not all that bad. Troy Aikmen is pretty good. But most of them do not tell me one thing about the game that I do not already know. And if I had a dollar for every time I heard words like ‘momentum’ or ‘passion’ in a Fox telecast, I could buy the rights to the BCS.

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