I Attended A Luncheon

Today at which an Alabama Supreme Court Justice Bolin was the speaker. The talk left no doubt that Justice Woodall is not alone in his disgust at Roy, Mini-Moore and the Clones. [Justice Bolin, of course, used actual names rather than my terminology].

Our speaker began by saying he had thought about discussing the rule of law, but reconsidered when he remembered his audience was a bunch of lawyers and law profs. That would be preaching to the choir. Then he said he had re-reconsidered in light of the events of the last few weeks. Sad to say, but in Alabama whether or not we believe in the rule of law is a live issue. So he did discuss it, and encouraged us to stand up to the Moore-ons [again, my term, not his] and their followers. He said that while they have passion and anger on their side, we have logic and reason on ours.

Three things struck me.

First, that Mini-Moore is a pariah on this court. When we elect a judge, we do so first and foremost so that person can do his job. Mini-Moore has a poor work ethic. He has also managed to alienate, aggravate, and humiliate his ‘co-workers.’ Isn’t that grounds for termination?

Second, the Moore-ons’ claims are outrageous. Whether or not states are bound to follow the supreme court is a settled question. Like Justice Bolin said, no-one would be discussing the issue had not the Moore-ons decided to beat the dead horse.

Third, regardless of your political leanings, it is important to refute these guys. If the law does not bind Mini-Moore when Mini-Moore dislikes it, then it does not bind anyone. Is that what we want?

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