Does Someone Have a Case of the Mondays?

Yes, and it’s me. Why? Because this should have been a great weekend, but it was not.

The problems started on Thursday, when I had some fish for lunch that I think was maybe a bit too old for human consumption. So I paid the price for that all day Friday, which ruined dinner plans for that evening.

Saturday was to be the first century of the year – The Old Howard One Hundred. It is a pretty decent ride. It starts and finishes in Marion, at Judson College. Most of the route is farmland, with parts going through the Talladega National Forrest. All the roads are low traffic. Terrain is flat to rolling. Generally a good ride. I thought I was over the stomach issues, so I headed down for the 9:00 start. All was well for the first 30 miles or so. After that it got painful. I started feeling nauseous whenever I would try to hammer. That was not such a big deal, I can handle discomfort, and could have just slowed down. If worse came to worse I could have dumped the bike and run for the woods. But then I also developed some serious pain in the area behind my left knee. I have no idea what caused it. It got really bad, feeling like someone was stabbing me with a knife. At one point, around mile 65, I unclipped the injured leg and pedalled with the other one. The result of this was that I bailed out at the 70 mile mark. The knee was scaring me, this was injury pain, not just discomfort pain.

Until Saturday, I had never cut out early on a ride. So that alone depressed me. Even worse, the knee issue has me worried about whether I will be ready for the 3-State 3-Mountain Challenge. That is my absolute favorite bike ride, and I will be very disapointed if I am unable to finish it. It is in Chattanooga on May 6, giving me two weeks to rest and hope my knee gets better.

And it turns out I was not over whatever my illness was. Doing the ride just made it worse. So I spent the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday laying on the couch wishing I could get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I could not eat anything, and just sitting up was exhausting. Even now I feel way below 100%.

Finally, blogger has been on the fritz for the last day and a half, so I haven’t been able to vent about any of this.

Anyway, I hope you all had a better weekend than I did.

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