Chuck Colson Debates Joe Copeland

Copeland, Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate:

Copeland’s biggest concern is the state’s “exponential growth.” The Census Bureau estimates Alabama will add 773,000 resident between 2000 and 2025 — an increase equal to the population of Jefferson and Calhoun counties. Copeland, who’s single and has no children, expects too much of Alabama’s growth to come from unplanned and unwanted children.

Copeland proposes to curb the growth by providing state-funded birth control. The state Medicaid program does this now for Alabama’s poor, but his plan would be open to people of all incomes and would include everything from vasectomies and tubal ligations to birth control pills and intrauterine devices.

If the program is as popular as Copeland expects, he predicts it will reduce the state’s long-term costs for operating government by reducing the needs for everything from roads to social services.

Colson, prison minister and republigelical (h/t Blue Gal):

If you could find and deport every undocumented alien in America, you would go to the grocery store next week and find the shelves bare. Without immigrant workers, we could not harvest crops. Just as happened yesterday, service industries everywhere would be shut down. With unemployment at a five-year low of 4.7 percent and with 200,000 new jobs added to the economy last month, there is simply a shortage of workers in much of America. . . .

But what’s the root of the problem? Why do we have a shortage of workers? Aha, that’s the unspeakable “A” word that the elite dread the most: abortion.

The reason we must allow millions of illegal aliens in to fill these jobs is because we have murdered a generation that would otherwise be filling them: 40 million sacrificed since 1973 to the god of self-fulfillment. And Americans are barely maintaining a replacement-level birthrate of 2.1 children per woman.

Remember the compassionate stuff that the abortionists used to tell us: “We are just preventing these poor kids from growing up in deprived, impoverished circumstances”? Hah! False. What happens is that others come in from abroad to live in those deprived, difficult, and impoverished circumstances and at great public cost.

Well that ought to show Mr. Copeland. How silly of him to rely on the Census Bureau instead of the all-wise Mr. Colson. If he had just asked the good minister, Mr. Copeland would know that the problem is too few people, not too many. Now that he knows his position would only lead to MORE immigrants, hopefully he will think again.

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