Let the Games Begin

As first reported by Politics in Alabama, Mini-Moore has officially announced his decision to run for chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

I agree with the assessment by Birmingham Blues: “Oh, goody! More blog fodder for those of us who follow Alabama politics.”

Indeed, one commentator on Politics in Alabama hopes Mini-Moore wins the primary, because that would extend the fun for a few more months.

I want to say Justice Nabers will win easily. No-one could seriously question the man’s conservative bona-fides. If you think he is ever going to interpret Alabama’s state constitution so as to allow gay marriage, or prohibit the death penalty, then I want some of what you are smoking. He has also been an excellent administrator, which is a large part of the job.

Meanwhile, Mini-Moore is a one issue candidate. His intellect is so limited that if you told him his shoe was untied, he would probably respond by saying “oh yeah, well you are a god-hating, amercia-destroying, liberal traitor.” His anti-liberals campaign carried the day two years ago, but his imaginary enemies have been awfully quiet since then. He has tried to manufacture a few controversies: His declaration of independence from the rule of law, and his confusion about the ethics complaint he is facing. But there has not been any recent liberal activity outrageous enough to really raise the ire of the faithful Moore-ites. Finally, Justice Nabers apparently works a lot harder than does Mini-Moore.

However, this is Alabama. So who knows what will actually happen.

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