The Southern Baptist Convention Supports Censuring George Bush

So says Richard Land, president of the SBC’s ethics and religious liberty commission:

We believe that God ordained government to punish those who break the law and to reward those who keep the law. And when the government passively just decides not to enforce a law, it’s very deeply offensive to Southern Baptists. . .if [someone is] breaking the laws of our country, then we have a right to expect the government to punish lawbreakers.

So then, even the SBC thinks we should investigate whether or not W broke the law when he unilaterally wiretapped American citizens. If he did, then we must take appropriate actions; it would displease God if the government just passively accepted it. Jeff Sessions, are you listening?

Oh wait, my bad, he meant that it is offensive when government passively accepts lawbreaking by Hispanics. I’m sorry, I thought this was a generally applicable statement of principle. I did not realize the rule of law is for coloreds only.

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