Our New Self Defense Law

The governor signed it today. I’ll comment more tomorrow. For now, two observations.

First, I am not convinced this is much of a change.

Second, I love Riley’s comment “When you feel your life or your family is in danger from an intruder, you should be able to practice self-defense and not worry if a judge or court is going to penalize you.” Way to zing those activist tyrants Gov. Only it wouldn’t be a judge or court doing the investigating, arresting, and prosecuting. Those decisions are all made by members of the executive branch. Without them, the court has no role to play. Oh well, in an election year, all that matters is truthiness.

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One Comment on “Our New Self Defense Law”

  1. […] As we all know, Alabama recently eliminated the duty to retreat before using deadly force in self defense. Used to be that if someone threatened you with deadly force in any place other than your home and you knew you could retreat with complete safety, you had to do so rather than use deadly force in self defense. That isn’t the law anymore. You can fire away, whether or not your life is actually threatened. […]

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