The Best Thing About Sports

Be they college or professional, is it is the one area of life where passion reigns supreme. You don’t have to explain why you love Alabama and hate Auburn; you just do. When you see the Volunteers, and coach Fulmer take the field you don’t have to control your animosity, you voice it loud and clear. Even if the only audience is the television.

So I’m rooting for UCLA tomorrow night. Sure, they just beat my auxiliary team (LSU), but I hate Florida. Why? I don’t know, I just do, and I don’t need a reason.

Want another example or sports irrationality? I rooted for Florida against George Mason. Given that I hate Florida, and that George Mason was a no name underdog, the logical conclusion would be me rooting for George Mason. What could be more humiliating for the Gators than to lose to a minor conference cinderella? But no. Something about George Mason really annoyed me. I could try to justify it by saying all the hype about mid-majors proving themselves as good as the big boys bugged me. Of course a good mid-major playing its A game will beat a power school playing its C game. We all knew that, and that is all that happened to George Mason. Last night, they ran into a team playing like it is capable of playing. The result was predictable, and ought to silence all those sorry ‘we don’t get no respect’ mid major whiners. Like I said, I could try to justify it, but the fact is, my sports animal instinct just did not like George Mason.

Go Bruins.

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