It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over

I gave up on this weekend way to soon. The weather turned, and while I did not get to do my planned ride, I did get to hit the mountain bike trail yesterday and get in fifty road miles today.

I slam B’ham for lots of stuff, but one big benefit of my neighborhood is that it is within riding distance of the JCC trail. You are supposed to be a JCC member to ride it, but me thinks that is just for liability purposes – members have signed a waiver, non-members are trespassers to whom the JCC owes no duty of care.

Anyway, it is a fun trail. Difficult but rewarding. It is six miles or so crammed into maybe fifteen or twenty mountainside acres. Half snakes up the mountain through about ten switchbacks, then the second half goes down in the same manner. The switchbacks are tight, challenging your technical riding skills. The up hill pull turns your legs to jello. And the downhill gets the heart racing. The best part is the trip back to the house. The trail is on the south side of Red Mountain; my house on the north. So getting there requires a nasty climb, but the trip home is all about speed. Great ride.

Then today we left the house at sun up for a trip up to Brookside and back. This was the first day that felt like cycling season. No need for shoe covers or long sleeve jerseys. It was good and warm even at six thirty, and almost hot when we got home. In between was miles of rolling hills through northwestern Jefferson County. I really love my bike.

The cost of all this fun? I’m the only guy on the block who did not mow his yard this weekend.

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  1. Petro Says:

    hi, hi, hi! Beautiful site.

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