Alabama To Legalize Public Nudity

Get the story here.

So maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but this still sounds like a stupid law. As far as I know, it is already perfectly legal for a mother to breast feed her child “in any location where she is authorized to be.” It is also perfectly legal for a restaurant to enforce rules of common courtesy by telling the inconsiderate parent to go breast feed somewhere in private – a car, or a restroom. It sounds like this bill would prohibit the restaurant from doing so.

No doubt, breast feeding is “a natural act.” So is a bowel movement. Neither should occur in public.

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One Comment on “Alabama To Legalize Public Nudity”

  1. williow Says:

    You are ignorant! eat your food in the bathroom! oh wait your from alabama you probaly already do.

    If she covers herself what is the problem? because the men of alabama and so starved sexually they will lust after her? they are already lust after every fully clothed woman and half the men so what is the diffrence?

    Just jealous becaus you can’t get no more tiity milk.

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