New Judicial Nominees

These guys should run for the Alabama Supreme Court:

Two North Alabama ministers say their faith led them to join hundreds of clergy handcuffed together in a Washington, D.C., protest Monday against proposed immigration laws.

“God’s people are called to welcome the stranger,” said the Rev. Gene Lankford, a Methodist minister from Marshall County, quoting Bible verses from Leviticus and Matthew. “You are to love the alien as yourself.” . . .

The House bill would make it a felony to be in this country illegally and make it a crime to assist illegal immigrants.

“We came to declare our intent to defy any law that forbids us to offer humanitarian services,” Lankford said. “Not to offer those services would be to defy the law of God.”

Placing God’s law above man’s law, as we all know, is job requirement numero uno for the state supreme court.

I guess the Moore-ons would reply that these ministers have misread God’s law. Everyone knows Leviticus is about killing gay people. That Jesus guy was a naive idealist; you can’t make real world decisions based on what he said or did. Hence, the ministers are nothing but garden variety rabble rousers.

The ministers could respond that God’s law requires us to ‘love our neighbor as ourself.’ From that premise, they deduce that immigration laws should be helpful, not punitive. Further, the precept leads them to believe each person should be free from state influence as to what, if any, god he will follow. Hence no state-sponsored ten commandments monuments.

A third party could observe that she does not care if these ministers put God’s law above man’s law. That is their decision. They are the only ones who will face the negative legal consequences. She does, however, insist that the Moore-ons put man’s law first, because if they, as judges on the state’s highest court, ignore the law everyone in Alabama will suffer.

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