Election News

I moved to Shreveport Louisiana in the summer of 1991, just in time for the Edwin Edwards v. David Duke gubernatorial race.

I don’t think this year’s Alabama race will be quite that interesting, but it is going to be entertaining. We’ve got a guy whose mailing address may as well be the federal court house, another who would like to blow up the federal courthouse, and a gal whose whole platform is that she is nice. If the incumbent was someone other than the oh so vanilla Bob Riley, this would be one for the ages.

But his lack of spunk is, in my opinion, the reason he is going to win. It could be that Lucy Baxley is the most honest and kind person in the world, and if she was running against an incumbent plagued by scandals her character might get her the victory (for B’hamians, think Kincaid v. Bell a few years ago). Riley, however, is just boring. As for the other two, delusional is the best description of any argument in their favor.

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