Justice Parker to the Rescue

An update on the ethics complaint filed against Justice Parker:

Parker said the complaint was an attack by the American Civil Liberties Union ‘to force political-correctness on all Alabamians and turn us into another San Francisco.’

OH NO! It would be just plain horrible if that wicked ol’ ACLU succeded in turning us into a clone of what is by all accounts one of the nicest places in the country. (see here, here, here, here, and here). Please Justice Parker save us from becoming one of the healthiest, wealthiest and cleanest places in the United States!

Oh, wait, there’s more:

Joel Sogol, a Tuscaloosa lawyer who filed the complaint with the Judicial Inquiry Commission, said the ACLU is not involved in it. A state ACLU official also said the civil liberties group is not involved.

Whew, we’re safe.

Really, has this guy ever had an original thought in his life? What would he say if he was suddenly unable to use phrases like ‘judicial tyranny’ or ‘political-correctness’ or ‘tradition values?’ Does he have any comprehension of the occasionally meritorious ideas behind these misleading terms? Or is he limited to spouting inflamatory rhetoric?

If he was serious about judicial reform, he would concentrate on making solid arguments rather than on making loud noises. If all he wants to do is scream, he should relinquish his robes and get a blog.

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One Comment on “Justice Parker to the Rescue”

  1. JPW Says:

    “If all he wants to do is scream, he should relinquish his robes and get a blog.”

    Hey that’s me! And i DID get a blog.

    Great post Wheeler. Lord knows we ain’t perfect in SF. Our politics are crazy but it is a kind place. A bit too kind sometimes but…..

    All the fear mongering of SF values, SF values, SF values fell really flat on the voters which I’m very happy to see. We’ll see how it plays in 12-16 years when our Mayor Newsome runs for President. Kennedy West, I’m tellin’ ya.

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