Its Only Monday

But I feel pretty certain that Jessie Scott will be the winner of the dumb criminal of the week award. The Eleventh Circuit states the facts (emphasis added):

In October 2001 at the age of eighteen Scott was convicted of carjacking in the Southern District of Alabama. He was sentenced by United States District Court Judge Charles R. Butler to sixty months imprisonment. Scott was unhappy with the sentence he received and mad at the judge who imposed it.

On September 13, 2004, while serving his sentence at the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Florida, Scott mailed an envelope to Judge Butler at the United States District Courthouse for the Southern District of Alabama. The envelope was marked with a return address which included Scott’s name and inmate identification number.

Inside, there was a letter that stated: “I get out in 2007, So U need to watch Your back Every Step Of The Way . . . I Will Get you Killed One Day.” It was signed, “TIME BOMb.”

On September 19, 2004, Scott mailed a second envelope to Judge Butler at the federal district courthouse with the same return address. That envelope contained a letter which made reference to blowing up the “fed building,” and killing “all feds, judges” among other things. Also inside that envelope was another envelope containing yet another letter that stated: “I shall kidnap your kids and blow up your luxury car up [sic] . . . Heres [sic] a surprise HAPPY HALOWEEN [sic].” The “surprise” was that this inner envelope also contained a white powder. The powder was later identified as a cleaning substance. Judge Butler’s staff promptly notified the United States Marshals Service of the written threats.

Depending on how the district court feels on remand, Mr. Scott’s threats bought him anywhere from three to ten more years in the federal pen. (Btw, for ‘carjacking’ spell check suggested ‘churchgoing.’)

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