The Next Loser

Yesterday, Joe Scarborough validated my cynicism by manipulating the church arsons for his own political goals.

So, here is another cynical question. Who will be the first republigelical to use the arsons as evidence that all Muslims are losers? I.e. who is going to be the first person to say: “We’ve seen angry protests, violence, even killings over a cartoon, meanwhile in Alabama Christians, whose churches – sacred places of worship and centerpieces of family and community history – were viciously burned to the ground, offer nothing but forgiveness and even sympathy towards their assailants.”

I don’t know. I do know that that folks like Rick Scarborough, James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Richard Land are cut from the same cloth as are the Muslim thugs. They all have their faith in power, and are more than happy to use their religion as a means to power. The difference is of degree.

The arson victims appear to be a completely different kind of person. Is that because Christianity is better than Islam? Who knows. Whatever the answer, thus far they, and not the thugs or the republigelicals, are true witnesses to virtue.

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