Black History Month, Frogs, Serfs and Eminent Domain

Ever read the forums on If not here (at number 7725.2) is what you are missing:

My middle school boy has to have more home instruction than usual to contradictor explain the true slant and the reason for Black History Year instructions.Put a frog in a pan of cool water, it will be comfortable and not realize it when the heat is turned up slowly. Before he realizes it, he’s done. ….The same with the serfs occupying the US with the designation of citizen.. These serfs will work to make the rope to hang themselves. They also didn’t even realize that the insiders were working to dilute their strength by giving others a little and continuing until their strength is gone and they(we) have no choice other than to accept their demise as citizens of the United States. The illegal immigration , was allowed long before attention was drawn to it, as shown by commercial enterprises converting to accommodate with the conversion to Spanish and the state also accommodating with licenses and qualifying in Spanish which in effect, make them members of our community, a citizen. How long will it be before English is eliminated? The insiders are also in the midst of further taking away property ownership with eminent domain where the authority decides who can best use the property that Alabamans have paid their franchise fee to obtain title to occupy . At the present time. Right now. There is a bill in the House (called the French Bill) to do away with unjustly taking private property butit will not reach the floor because the leader of the house, a former mayor of Gadston Alabama will not allow it. Riley and some others think the authority can make the best decisions as to the best use of property to generate more taxes and this supercedes private ownership rights. WE, the citizens are as the frog, sitting comfortably in a cool pan of water and letting those in authority indoctrinate us and our children with “social studies” , invite illegal guest to take over our infrastructure, and take our private property over in pretense of “serving the people” . All property belongs to the people, the state, the commune, in a communist country.

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